About Us

Experience Of Quality

At The Hub Café quality comes first and it is visible in all our products and services. It is not another coffee shop, it is the destination of experiencing coffee in all levels. Our blends are freshly made, having a full range of exclusive home-made selection and organic proposals. We endorse healthy living, trying to keep all the pleasure of a good taste and avoiding what is considered bad for the body. In The Hub Café we also offer a variety of organic teas, energy juices, breakfast and delicious snacks for all times of the day. Customer satisfaction is at the center of our attention and that is why The Hub Café is loved so much in such a short period of time! Happy customers make us feel good and we like to keep spirits up. Starting from the greeting once you enter the store to the time you leave, we try to make things easy and enjoyable. What’s better than a smile and a good cup of coffee?

Coffee Experience

Coffee is not just beverage. Coffee is an experience, a journey to the senses. To smell, to see… to taste! The Hub Café is the ultimate hotspot for coffee lovers, so we keep the standards high. This is how we do it:

100% homemade Arabica blends

100% homemade blends

Exclusive selection

Healthy Snacks

Promoting healthy lifestyle is our area of expertise. What would you say for a beetroot-bread sandwich or delicious “green” muffin? The Hub Café offers a wide array of choice for you to enjoy and keep the energy high! From breakfast to evening bites, this is the place.